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NEW Kayak Storage System

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At Strong Racks, we offer an overhead garage rack that effectively revolutionizes your garage storage capabilities. The advantage of an overhead racks is that it places storage in a location that would otherwise go un-used, leaving your other garage areas open for other uses.

These overhead garage racks are able to be customized to hold the type of storage that you wish to place on them, offering plenty of storage space.


A garage storage system is the solution for every garage storage situation. Here at strong racks, we realize that organizing the garage is difficult, which is why we have spent years designing our state of the art garage storage systems.

Will a Garage Storage System Work in My Garage?

A garage storage system works to greatly benefit any garage, helping to maximize your available storage space. With our versatile garage storage systems, Strong Racks has a storage solution that is perfect for you.

With a Strong Racks brand garage storage system, you will have no doubt in your mind that it is the strongest and safest available anywhere. All of our garage storage systems are designed using the highest quality parts during manufacturing, in order to facilitate their maximum level of durability and strength.


If garage organizing is at the top of your to-do list you want to get it checked off as soon as possible. A garage can become cluttered over time, leaving you feeling as if garage organizing is impossible. However, with the proper garage organizing tools in place, any garage can serve as a fully functional storage unit.

With the proper storage steps taken, garage organizing is easier than ever. Thanks to innovations by Strong Racks, our overhead storage systems make garage organizing simple and easy!.

Garage Organizing Done Right

The simplest means of garage organizing is to employ overhead ceiling racks in your garage. They unlock the hidden potential of ceiling storage space, helping to maximize your garage storage capabilities. They are even capable of being customized to better suit your storage needs.

We also manufacture garage shelving capable of holding 200 pounds! Depending on your storage specifications, these shelves can be mounted anywhere, helping to cater to your specific storage needs! We also offer a wide range of accessories, bike storage systems, and other garage organization products!


At Strong Racks, we offer the highest quality and strongest and safest garage storage systems available anywhere. These garage storage systems are made from only the most durable components, helping to give them their impressive strength.

The Ins and Outs of Our Garage Storage Systems

In order to completely maximize your available storage space, it is very important to make use of the untapped potential of garage ceiling storage space. Our garage storage systems mount to the garage ceiling, and use previously useless space for storage, keeping your garage floor space open for other uses. We even offer a low profile series of overhead racks that can be installed into tight locations, such as the space above a garage door.

Our garage storage systems are designed to last for years to come, and even feature innovative safety features such as the safety lip which helps to keep items from sliding off of the rack.


If your garage storage is ineffective, installing a garage overhead storage system may be the solution for you. Overhead space can be used to store various items, and an effective storage system can maximize the space available in your home and garage.

What Does a Garage Overhead Storage System Entail?

Strong Racks offers the highest quality garage overhead storage system on the market today. This unique overhead rack storage system is a perfect storage solution for any storage situation. Our garage overhead storage system is even capable of being customized to properly suit the types of items that you wish to store.

Our garage overhead storage systems are the strongest and safest available, and due to their quality components and thickest gauge of steel, are much more durable than other garage storage systems. We carry garage overhead storage systems of various weight capacities, including the highest weight capacities available in the industry!

Contact Strong Racks today to get further information about our garage overhead storage systems, and to see what kind of storage solutions we can provide for you!


Almost anything can be stored on garage overhead shelves. Overhead shelves are installed on the ceiling, allowing you to use that ceiling space that would otherwise be overlooked for storage. Here at Strong Racks, we offer overhead garage shelves capable of storing almost any item.

The Versatility of Overhead Garage Shelves
Our high quality overhead storage racks maximize the storage potential of your garage by allowing you to use ceiling space for storage. These ceiling mounted racks unlock the hidden storage potential of a garage by using overhead space. These racks are fully adjustable, and are much bigger than shelving units, allowing for a large amount of items to be stored.

Overhead garage shelves allow for a large amount of items to be stored. These shelves can be installed at any height. For items that need to be frequently accessed, a lower shelf may be ideal. However, if items are to be stored overhead, you can install the shelf high on the wall, using overhead space.

We offer various shelves with impressive weight capacities that look great in any garage. Contact us today to see which shelving solution Strong Racks can provide for you.


Here at Strong Racks, we make it our goal to offer a storage solution perfect for any situation. Often times when a garage is used as the primary storage location in a home, it is not used in the most effective manner. Overhead ceiling space, may be overlooked, when it could be being used for storage.

Versatile Overhead Garage Storage Systems

We realize that storage needs to be adjusted over time, to allow for new items to be stored, or changes in the items that are being stored completely. We offer storage systems designed for versatility, that are fully adjustable, allowing you to determine the distance that they hang from the garage ceiling.

They can hang between 12 to 37 inches from the ceiling, and can be adjusted depending on what you wish to store.

Our overhead storage units are the strongest and safest available anywhere, and include a 10 gauge mounting track that attaches to multiple ceiling joists allowing for maximum strength. Contact us today for more information on our overhead garage storage systems.


The garage can provide a great place to store many items, and can easily be modified to maximize its storage potential. To unlock your garage’s storage potential, garage racks or storage shelves will need to be installed. With the right storage devices installed, almost any item may be stored in the garage.

Garage Storage Shelves in Various Sizes

Here at Strong Racks, we offer the highest quality storage shelves available. Our storage shelves are stronger than any other competitive shelves, and are designed for strength using the highest quality of materials.

Our larger sized shelves, capable of holding 200 pounds are best suited for storing heavy or bulky items. Our smaller shelves capable of holding 150 pounds are perfect for storing a wide range of often used items that you wish to keep handy.

These shelves can be installed at any height, allowing you to utilize them as a miniature overhead rack.


Many items of all different sizes and shapes can be stored on a garage rack. A garage rack utilizes overhead ceiling space, opening up the floor space for other uses. Overhead garage racks are installed on the ceiling of your garage, making them advantageous over shelves that take up wall space.

A Better Garage Rack

Quality is an important thing to consider when choosing a garage rack. Low quality racks may fail to securely hold storage, which may damage property or injure someone if it falls. Here at Strong Racks, we are proud to offer home owners the strongest and safest racks available.

The type of storage that you wish to place on the rack is also important to consider when choosing which rack is right for you. If you intend to store lighter items, you may wish to purchase a low profile garage rack that may be installed above the garage door. For heavier or bulkier items, you may want to consider a commercial grade 750LB capacity overhead rack. These racks come in white or smoked chrome, but may be custom colored on request.


A good way to maximize your garage storage area is to install garage overhead storage. Garage ceiling space if often overlooked when searching for a place to store items. Garage cabinets and shelves take up valuable floor space when in use, however with garage overhead storage, a large volume of storage can be placed in your garage, while at the same time leaving the floor space open for other purposes.

Sturdy Garage Overhead Storage

When deciding on an overhead garage storage unit for your garage, there is much importance placed on the strength and durability of the unit you choose. While low quality racks may be inexpensive, the type of storage you wish to place on the rack may not be what they are intended to hold. Strong Racks only produces high quality garage overhead storage racks, providing the strongest and safest racks on the market today.

Our overhead racks are much stronger and safer than any competitive product. Their durable mounting tracks and all other components feature the thickest gauge of steel available for added safety. These racks are mounted into four ceiling joists for maximum strength, and are fastened using grade nine hardware, ensuring that these racks are installed safely and securely. Inferior garage storage racks may only include low quality hardware for installing the rack.

Our racks include our exclusive safety lip, 2 inches in height that runs along the sides of the rack. This safety lip maximizes the safety of your rack, by preventing storage from sliding off and possibly injuring someone or becoming damaged. Our racks also feature bolted down grids for safety.


Now is the time to check “organize garage” off of your to do list. Cluttered garages provide only a limited storage area, and can become increasingly difficult to organize. Garage storage racks or other organization systems can help to transform your garage into a state of the art storage system. An organized garage utilizing overhead storage opens up much more space for any other purpose you desire.

Organize Your Garage with Storage Racks

Over the years of storing items in your garage, it may quickly accumulate clutter, with large stacks of bulky or unorganized storage items. Often times, the floor of a garage may become piled with storage. This may make it difficult to find items, or get the garage organized, but the floor space becomes useless for anything else. A smaller garage may not even offer enough space to park a vehicle if over cluttered.

No matter your storage conditions, we at Strong Racks are here to help you organize your garage. We provide storage solutions to that are capable of transforming your garage’s storage potential. Once Strong Racks provides you with the perfect storage solutions for your home, the garage can easily be organized.

These overhead garage racks are the perfect storage solution for clearing a cluttered garage floor. These racks are connected to the ceiling, and allow ample space for storing various items. Overhead storage solutions allow for a free and clear floor space, making the garage a lot more organized and clutter free.


Garage storage racks come in several sizes and strengths, and can store about any item overhead, while at the same time saving space. You may be able to find some overhead storage racks at hardware or home improvement stores, however, you should be considerate of which overhead rack you choose, since some are constructed using low quality materials, and may not be able to hold a large weight capacity.

The garage is often times the first place people store items in a home. That is why garage storage racks that are the strongest and safest available are important if you wish to store larger items overhead, safely and securely. Low quality garage storage racks will not stand up to the test of time. Instead, opt for a high quality garage storage rack, that features a capacity such as those available from Strong Racks.

The Best in Garage Storage Racks

Here at Strong Racks, we are proud to manufacture the strongest and safest garage storage racks on the market. Our garage storage racks are constructed using only high quality components to allow for years of use. With these garage storage racks, you will never need to replace your overhead garage storage systems again.

Strong Racks offers a storage solution that is perfect for you, no matter what you want to store. We offer garage storage racks, bike storage systems, cabinets, wall shelves, and various organization products. Contact us for more information on our offerings.


Garage Storage Solutions

Strong Racks proudly offers our customers the strongest and safest garage storage solutions on the market today. We don’t see why your garage shouldn’t be able to store all the items you want in it, while maintaining a clear and uncluttered floor space, which can be used for parking vehicles, or anything else! With our overhead racks and wall shelves, we are sure to carry the storage solution you are looking for.

Types of Garage Storage Solutions

At Strong Racks, we believe that the best way to store items in your garage is to utilize overhead racks. These racks are attached to the ceiling joists, and carry the highest weight capacities of any unit on the market. All of our overhead racks can be fully adjusted, allowing them to be customized to fit the amount of storage that you wish to place on the rack. The racks can also be adjusted to better suit the height of your ceiling, and can be adjusted to hang from 12 to 37 inches from your garage ceiling.

For home owners that wish to store items using garage wall space, we carry heavy duty steel wall shelves. These shelves feature several different sizes and strengths, so they can cater to different items that you may wish to place on them. The larger shelves are capable of holding 200LBS, however since our shelves are made of such high quality components, any size of shelf from Strong Racks provides a durable, long lasting storage solution.

We also carry low profile storage solutions for home owners that do not need to store heavier items on their overhead racks. These units can store light weight holiday decorations and other items with ease. Contact us today for more information on our storage solutions.


Garage shelves are a great addition to any garage being used for storage. Various things can be placed on garage shelves, and they work great for storing just about any smaller sized item.

Garage shelves are a great asset to any garage being used as a workplace as well, as they are perfect for storing tools or other equipment that may take up a lot of floor space. Garage shelves are essential to any garage being used as a workspace.

Garage Shelves in Various Sizes

Strong Racks has made it our priority to manufacture garage shelves that can provide a storage solution for any condition. While many competitive garage shelves are constructed using poor quality components, and feature low weight capacities, our heavy duty shelves are made from high quality components, and are made to hold heavy items, supporting from 150 to 200 pounds, based on the size of the shelf.

When you purchase Strong Racks brand garage shelves, you receive a kit containing two shelves sized either 36 inches long and 18 inches deep or 48 inches long and 24 inches deep, with weight capacities of 150LBS and 200LBS respectively.


overhead rack competitors

Other competitors develop storage products for the kitchen, office, garage, basement, or attic. In addition for their overhead racks, they also carry shelving units and other storage accessories.

Like , Strong Racks, competitors might develop garage storage units, the difference being that our storage products mainly focus on the garage. The garage is often times the main storage area of a home. For this reason we have spent years developing the strongest and safest garage storage systems available.

Overhead Garage Racks

Strong Racks brand of overhead garage racks are designed using only the highest quality of components, ensuring that our storage units are capable of holding their impressive weight capacities, as well as to stand up to daily use. These garage racks come in a wide range of sizes and capacities, and are capable of holding the highest weight capacities of any overhead garage rack in the industry.

also sells overhead garage storage units, but their devices are not capable of standing up to the high expectations placed on the products manufactured by Strong Racks. When a Strong Racks brand overhead rack is put in place, the storage space in your garage is maximized, and heavy items that exceed weight capacities may be stored.

Alongside of our overhead garage racks, we offer wall storage products like our steel wall shelves. These shelving units a perfect for storing items that may need to be frequently accessed than those on an overhead garage rack. Our racks come in the colors white and smoked chrome, but custom colors are available on request.


Garage Storage Rack

For home owners looking for a garage storage rack, Strong Racks is the provider of the industry’s strongest and safest garage storage racks, and we are sure to have a perfect storage solution for your garage.

When utilizing a garage storage rack, only garage ceiling space is used for storage, making the most out of your garage’s current storage capabilities. A garage storage rack can store a wide variety of objects, of almost any size, using only ceiling space, leaving the floor clear for any other application. When our professionally installed garage storage racks are in place, they are capable of holding the highest weight capacities of any overhead garage storage unit on the market today.

Garage Storage Rack Basics

Our innovative overhead garage storage racks are able to hold storage of up to 36 inches in height. If you do not require this much space, these garage storage racks are fully adjustable, and can hang as high as 11 inches from the ceiling. For storage that may need to be accessed more frequently, we offer garage wall shelves that allow for more accessibility than an overhead rack.

Contact us for more information regarding our garage storage racks. Our commercial and industrial grade products are the strongest and safest available, and we can also present you with creative storage solutions in order to maximize the available space in your garage.


Garage Shelving

Strong Racks is the nation’s premier developer of the strongest and safest garage storage racks available, allowing you to revolutionize the way that items are stored in your garage. We also manufacture garage shelving products, allowing you to use your wall space for storage. These shelves are a great space saving alternative to cabinets and closets.

Sturdy Garage Shelving

Our garage shelving products are held to the same high standards as our overhead ceiling storage, and utilize top of the line components. These shelves are perfect for storing items that you wish to access frequently, furthermore these shelves can be installed at any height you choose, allowing you to save wall space and use them as a miniature overhead rack.

We offer shelves with 150LB and 200LB weight capacities, depending on the size of shelf that you want, or the desired storage items to be placed on it. These shelves are available powder coated white, which looks great in most garages. Or different sized shelves can be ordered with custom colors to match other items in your garage.

These garage shelves can be installed at any height that you desire, so they may be installed high on the wall to use as a miniature overhead rack for items that do not need to be used as often. Every kit includes two shelves, and since they are easy to install, they are a great do it yourself storage solution. However we also offer professional installation.


Garage Racks

To remedy the problem of a garage that is overloaded with storage, one should consider investing in a garage rack storage system. A garage can be rendered useless by being packed with storage; however, garage racks are capable of using ceiling space for storage, leaving the floor space clear for parking vehicles, or any other purpose.

Employ Unused Space with Garage Racks 

Overhead garage racks help you to utilize space that may otherwise go ignored. Garage racks have the ability to store your items overhead, helping to maximize the storage space in your garage. Here at Strong Racks, we offer top of the line overhead garage racks. These racks are the strongest and safest available on the market, and can be installed in almost any garage.

These adjustable garage racks allow you to determine the distance that they hang from the ceiling. The maximum drop of 36 inches allows for double stacked storage bins to be stored on the rack. For a low profile storage solution, these garage racks may be adjusted to their minimum drop.

At Strong Racks, we dedicate ourselves to developing overhead garage racks that will last for an extended amount of years. This is why our racks are designed to be the strongest and safest in the industry, allowing a lifetime of use. Contact us today to determine which storage solution is right for your garage!


Overhead Garage Storage

The best way to maximize the storage ability of a garage is to utilize overhead garage storage products. When used for storage, a garage floor can quickly become cluttered if storage is haphazardly placed into the garage. Garage storage cabinets may seem like a good way to organize your garage storage, however they may be ineffective since they take up garage floor and wall space that are better suited for other purposes. Overhead garage storage eliminates this problem by storing all of your items overhead, leaving the garage floor and wall space free for any other desired use.

When you utilize proper overhead garage storage, items such as sports equipment, storage bins, and holiday decorations can be stored effectively, while at the same time saving garage space! Here at Strong Racks, our overhead garage storage systems are designed to enhance your garage, by providing overhead storage the strongest and safest way possible. Our durable, strong overhead storage systems will last for years and hold up to daily wear and tear.

Superior Overhead Garage Storage 

While there are similar overhead storage racks on the market, Strong Racks brand overhead garage storage units are of a much higher quality than the competitors. Our products are held to high standards, and we only use the thickets gauge of steel in the design, and only the highest quality of hardware and components. The four joist mounted installation also helps to ensure that our garage storage racks are the strongest and safest on the market.

To increase safety, an innovative safety lip, 2 inches in height along the sides of the rack is designed to prevent storage from sliding off of the rack. Square tube down rods are used, as opposed to angle iron to increase the strength of the storage rack.

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Garage Storage

A problem that faces many home owners that wish to use their garage for storage is the lack of garage storage space available. If a large amount of items are being stored in the garage, even a large garage can start to feel overloaded. The solution to this problem is to simply maximize your garage’s storage potential. For this reason, Strong Racks provides quality overhead storage systems, designed to make the most of your available garage storage space.

Garage Storage Basics

Many types of garage storage products exist today, however most of them take up a large portion of garage wall or floor space when installed. Although a garage storage cabinet may help to organize some garage storage items, the space the cabinet takes up in your garage may be undesirable. To provide a solution for this issue, we have designed our Strong Racks brand storage systems to use previously untouched ceiling space for storage, freeing up the wall and floor space for any other purpose that you desire.

The advantage of overhead garage storage is that you use space for storage that would have otherwise gone ignored, unlocking your garage’s secret storage potential. Our overhead garage storage racks are installed to the garage ceiling, and have an adjustable drop that can be catered to your specifications. The mounting tracks used to connect our storage racks to the garage ceiling are made using the thickest gauge of steel available, helping to give our garage storage racks their high weight capacities, and maximizing safety for the home owner.

Strong Racks offers wall storage and organization products, and shelving in addition to our overhead garage storage units. These systems are designed to conveniently store items that you wish to use frequently. The wall shelving and organizational units are mounted to the walls of your garage. To help to facilitate an organized and manageable garage, we also carry storage products designed to store all of your bikes, ladders, tools, and holiday decorations in the most efficient way possible.

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