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Garage Storage Platform

What is a Garage Storage Platform?

platformAndLiftGarage storage Platform is an overhead storage system that is one continuous unit. These Garage Storage Platforms are great because they diffuse storage weight across a greater number of ceiling joists. Because Garage Storage Platforms do not have obstructions in the middle, they are outstanding for larger storage items.  Garage Storage Platforms come in a 4 foot width, by any length (2 foot increments).

Many home owners will add our Motorized Lifting System next to their Garage Storage Platform,  to create what we call an Automated Storage System.

The beauty of the Motorized Lifting System is that it provides hands free lifting to the entire length of your platform(s). The Motorized Lifting System is attached to a steel track and wheels that allow the motor and basket system to service your entire Garage Storage Platform.

platforms01Another benefit to the Automated Storage System is safety. TheMotorized Lifting System can  safely lift items up to the platforms that would otherwise be too heavy and dangerous to lift by hand. The powerful winch-driven motor on the system’s Motorized Lift allows 150 pounds per load to be lifted overhead. Once the lift basket has been hoisted and positioned next to the platform, loading is as simple as sliding the items off the Motorized Lift and onto the platform.

platforms05At The Garage Organization Company we offer Strong Racks, the best overhead garage racksin the industry, and maintain that level of quality in all of the garage storage products we offer. However, single garage racks simply don’t utilize space as effectively as the Garage Storage Platforms. Even if we install a few of our overhead garage racks side-by-side there are gaps and spaces that cannot be utilized. This is not a concern with the Garage Storage Platform. It is designed to be one continuous system. The platforms can be expanded in 2′ increments to any length to create one large overhead platform with multiple supports.

platforms07So now you might be asking: “how do I choose the right size and order my Automated Storage System?” We have a simple 3 step process you can follow to make setting up an Automated Storage System for your garage as easy as possible:

  1. Measure the width of your garage and round down to the nearest 2 foot increment. Example: you measure your garage and find that it is 19 feet. Automated Storage Systems can be built and expanded in 2 foot increments, so you would round down to 18 feet. In this instance you could have an 18 foot platform aesthetically centered in your garage.
  2. The next step is to identify optimal placement. There are typically two areas that are the most suitable. The center area or above the garage door.
  3. The third and final step is to place your order. You may call your local dealer or email us with the dimensions and we will respond with the platform cost and shipping.
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